DevOps culture promotes collaboration between development and IT operations teams and improves service delivery through continuous development, testing, feedback and deployments.
When a project demands rapid feature development, the conventional method of developing, testing and subsequently deploying will not work. Instead, we need to accelerate service delivery through a combination of agile principles, faster delivery cycles and improved collaboration in the team. We achieve this through DevOps. By bridging gaps in traditional development-IT relations, we can focus on collaboration, automation, monitoring and increased throughput.

DevOps is one of the most popular trends that is getting increasingly adopted by enterprises to accelerate software development.

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Our DevOps Expertise

We help you leverage automated development, testing and deployment of your applications through our DevOps best practices.

DevOps Assessment

Our software architects and DevOps consultants comprehensively analyse your current DevOps maturity to identify strategic goals and define a roadmap.

DevOps Planning

We create an implementation plan, which details cross-team collaboration, architecture design & infrastructure design and defines processes and workflows for continuous integration, delivery and deployment.

Continuous Integration & Testing

Developers regularly merge code changes into the shared code repository, which is tested automatically. CI ensures that the latest and tested code is available, allowing multiple developers to work on the same code base.

Continuous Delivery and Deployment

The code changes are automatically built, tested, packaged and released into production, allowing us to do frequent software releases sustainably.

Continuous Monitoring and Support

Measures are put in place to do continuous monitoring and provide feedback on the performance of applications and systems. This helps identify and resolve issues quickly, resulting in improved security and resilience.

How you can benefit from DevOps

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Faster time to market

Improved collaboration

Reduced Costs and Improved ROI

Higher Productivity

Higher Resilience and reduced risk of failures

Automation & ease of operations

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We work with top startups, leading brands and enterprise
leaders, including, Fortune 500 firms.

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We have won numerous awards and accolades in recognition of our work.

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