IT security is a top priority for us, and we have put in place tools and processes to reduce the risks of cyber-attacks and ensure that our client data is safe. Our internal policies address multiple levels of security, including physical security, organisational security and procedural security. This helps us address various data and IP security concerns associated with software outsourcing.

Our IP security services help to find and address vulnerabilities before they impact your business and your customers.

Protecting your IP

Non Disclosure Agreements & Contracts

We execute mutual NDA's with our clients. They are a part of our service agreement with every new client. We also execute NDAs with our employees and contractors. All employees involved and having access to your project/code are bound by it.

24/7 Security & Access control

Our delivery centres have 24x7 physical security and CCTV monitoring. In addition, we control physical access to our premises through biometric ID verification. For projects that have stringent security requirements, we create differentiated workspaces that comply with your specific needs.

Strict procedures

We employ rigorous project and source code management practices. These protocols define how our employees access and manage your source code and other project-related data.

Need-based access

Access to your infrastructure, code and data is limited on a need basis to select employees. We audit this regularly, and when there are personnel changes, we remove all access controls as a part of the exit process.

Background verification

All employees hired at Focaloid undergo rigorous background checks. We verify past employment, professional references, criminal records, court records, address verification and academic records.

Infrastructure Security

We have deployed firewalls in our network to protect against cyber attacks. We also perform regular internal infrastructure security audits to identify and remove vulnerabilities.


All workstations and devices are fully encrypted to prevent the loss of classified information.

VPN based access

We access all client environments through a VPN.

Anti-Virus Protection

We deploy anti-virus software on every workstation to keep the machines safe from malware and other cyber attacks.

Liability insurance

We also offer liability insurance against any errors and omissions that may cause damage or reputational risk.

Safeguarding your data

Secure coding standards safeguarded your software against security vulnerabilities. We follow a secure coding practice checklist that covers the following areas:

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System & infrastructure configuration

Database security

File management

Memory management

Auth & password management

Access control

Input validation

Output encoding

Cryptographic practices

Session management

Error handling and logging

Data protection

Communication security

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We have won numerous awards and accolades in recognition of our work.

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