We firmly believe that all organisational activities, whether direct or indirect, impact and influence the quality of our output. As a result, we have strive to embed quality assurance in all organisational activities. We assure quality through the following.

Our quality management system solution provides the most streamlined approach to managing your company’s quality processes while ensuring compliance.


Recruitment & Training Process

We put a lot of emphasis on hiring the right candidate. Prospective candidates undergo multiple rounds of evaluation, including aptitude tests, multiple rounds of interviews, practical assignments like coding challenges and a behavioural interview before they are selected. We offer attractive compensation and additional benefits to attract and retain the best talent. Once recruited, we provide ongoing training to help them improve their skills and performance.


Discovery & Design

The discovery and design phase of a project plays a very significant role in influencing the final outcome. We have practised and perfected our discovery process to involve all key stakeholders and co-create the product road map. The subsequent design phase includes designing, iterating and validating the UX and UI through actionable prototypes. The technical design process takes into consideration key functional and non-functional requirements to create a robust architecture.


Code Review

Code reviews are a crucial step in ensuring quality assurance. Apart from tools to perform automated reviews and static code analysis, we also perform peer reviews of code to ensure adherence to standards. We use tools like SonarQube, Linter to perform automated code reviews.



Testing is an integral part of our quality assurance process. Our experienced testing team has access to various software and devices to test all software we develop. Read more about our testing methodology.


Measuring progress

we identify and track metrics that define success at different levels - individual, team and organisational. These metrics help us identify areas of improvement and measure progress.

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