We follow proven and widely accepted testing methodologies for quality assurance. Independent testing services is one of our core offerings, and our clients utilise them to ensure that their products are functional, scalable and secure. We have designed our testing process to be collaborative and systematically address different aspects of software testing.

We offer different software testing services ,accurate results and reduced costs.

QA Process

Steps of QA process

Test Automation Process

Integrated testing approach

Testing Life cycle

Requirement Analysis

Our QA team is engaged right from the requirement phase. They work with business analysts to define acceptance criteria for user stories.

Test Planning

The QA lead and the test engineers define the scope, identify different test scenarios and design the testing strategy. In the case of automated testing, we first evaluate the feasibility and span of automation. Subsequently, we select the test tool and automation framework and then set up infrastructure.

Test Design

The quality analysts work on designing the test scripts to cover the different test scenarios.

Unit Testing

Developers perform unit testing to ensure that their code is working well and functioning as specified in the requirements

Functional Testing

Our quality analysts execute test cases and run functional tests to ensure that the developed functionality works as intended. They will report and track issues identified during testing.

Automated Test Execution

With each iteration, we execute automated test scripts through the CI/CD pipeline.

Re-Testing & Regression Testing

After fixing the bugs identified in each round of testing, we subject the application to re-testing and regression testing.


We use defect tracking tools to log and track defects to closure.

Automation Test Maintenance

The automated test scripts are updated whenever there is a change in the application. The test scripts are also periodically refactored for better readability, easier maintenance and improved automation.

Security Testing

Our security testing experts identify underlying security vulnerabilities and recommend fixes to protect the software from security breaches.

Performance Testing

The application is subjected to various simulated loads to assess the performance and robustness of the application. Our services ensure that any pitfalls are identified and fixed before releasing the software to your users.

How Focalod's testing process can improve quality and efficiency

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  • Reduce time spent on repetitive tasks through automation

  • Leverage manual testing for exploratory testing and other specific use cases

  • Integrating CI/CD pipelines for automated testing

  • Employ test management tools to cover your entire testing process

  • Vulnerability assessment and performance testing to ensure scalability and security

  • Highly skilled and experienced QA team to design and implement your testing strategy.

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