A plan is best measured in FRIENDS, rather than DETAILS

“Moments – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a story teller”. That’s exactly why you need the HYPE APP, to create joyful moments and not sit wishing for it. This app allow users to create posts mentioning the place and date, and find friends travelling to the same place on the same day and time. Other words it help users to locate their friends and then vacate their tents to create moments full of life.


  • Trip management – enables users to create new trips, edit existing trip plans and trip details and search trip plans. The users can specify location, date, time, description and even upload pictures .
  • Search Module – help users to search trip plans based on the particular location and time and add other hype users to the trip based on their acceptance to the request(wave). The search result will display list of posts of other users based on search criteria. The users can have detailed view of the trip, i.e. about members, location, and description by selecting a particular post.
  • Google Map – helps learn the route to the desired location. Also users can locate other users.
  • User management – helps manage user profile details, password management, and a history of their past posts with rating option.
  • Settings management – contains notification and app settings management. The users receive notifications like – message from someone, someone rates the user or anyone tags the user to a trip any time.
  • Chat management – provides an interactive platform for text-based one to one chat with friends in user contact list.
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