Focaloid in GoodFirms’ list of Top AI Development Companies in the US

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Anish Prakash Chief Marketing Officer
Top AI development company in US

We’re excited to announce that Focaloid has been recognized as a leader in artificial intelligence development in the US by GoodFirms. This award recognizes the AI solutions we’ve provided that have greatly improved our clients’ business offerings. The solutions have helped clients stay ahead of their competitors with technologically advanced solutions that solve business problems in today’s dynamic world. 

The AI solutions provided by Focaloid has been effective in helping our clients identify patterns in big data to come to decisions about predicting customer behaviour and decision patterns. Furthermore, it has also helped clients in vastly improving automation competencies of the business. 

GoodFirms is a globally recognized B2B research, rating and review platform. Factoring in quality, reliability and ability as deciding factors, GoodFirms has brought out the list of technology firms doing great work to bring out revolutionary business solutions. These aspects, together with other determining factors like past and present portfolio, years of experience in the domain area, market penetration and client reviews have been taken into consideration while evaluating which companies make it to the list. 

Published: Nov 6,2019 11:02:37 AM IST