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Offshore Software Development: The Best Decision For You in 2022


Offshore Software Development: The Best Decision For You in 2022 


The tech boom has transformed the industrial landscape, requiring businesses to adequately leverage technology to maintain a competitive edge. Apart from access to the best available tools and technologies, software development also requires an expert talent pool, skilled at multiple facets of the development process—from writing code to testing and quality assurance. Technological services also need a large budget to cover not only the application development but also hiring and training costs. 


The dynamic tech industry is constantly evolving. To keep pace with the rapid changes, organisations have to deliver high-quality products consistently and quickly. Hiring dedicated offshore developers can be a way to maximise both productivity and customer satisfaction.


What is Offshore Software Development?

A form of outsourcing development, offshore software development leverages the expertise of a team or organisation based in another location by transferring a whole or part of a project to them. Offshore developers streamline the development process and provide customised solutions as per the client’s requirements. Companies can hire offshore developers for one or a combination of many services including mobile app development, web development, product design, coding, e-commerce solutions and testing and quality assurance. 


Offshore software development has been growing at a rapid pace. Due to the multiple benefits it offers, many large tech companies have begun to prefer hiring offshore developers to meet their needs.  


Benefits of Offshore Software Development

Expert talent: With dedicated offshore developers, an organisation can access the expertise of a highly skilled team, whether in areas of technical development, project management or product design. An offshore team possesses vast experience, gained by working on projects across industries, giving them the required understanding to effectively solve challenges that may arise. 


The shortage of tech talent in the West can be offset by the rising number of tech leaders in other nations. Instead of localising product development, offshoring projects allows companies to leverage cutting-edge skills available across the globe. 


Reduced costs: Hiring and training in-house technical experts is an expensive proposition. If a project has budgetary limitations, offshore development is the financially sound route to follow that cuts out hiring, training and IT infrastructure costs without compromising on the quality of the product. 


Reduced time-to-market: By offshoring the development process to a skilled and capable team that dedicatedly works on the project, businesses can rest assured that they will be able to speed up the delivery of software products to their customers. 


Time for other business activities: Leaders are crucially aware of the importance of time as a resource. By hiring offshore developers, organisations free up their schedules and those of their in-house talent to focus on other core business activities that are just as essential to the effective running of a business as is the development process. 


Objective inputs: An off-shore team will review the entire process in an objective manner and can provide critical inputs that might have been overlooked by those working closely on product development. 


Streamlined development: Offshore developers employ state-of-the-art tools, automation technology and best industry practices to transform the development process and look after each minute project detail, drastically increasing production efficiency.  


Is Offshore Software Development For You?

How to judge whether offshoring project development is the best decision for you? If you are looking to maximise efficient use of resources, gain more time to focus on core business growth and minimise your liabilities, then offshoring a project to a small, dedicated team is the ideal way to manage quick product development. A contractual arrangement with mutually agreed upon deliverables, offshoring also helps reduce attached risks and gives an organisation greater flexibility. 


Businesses are sometimes severely limited by budgetary considerations. They might not have the necessary in-house talent to manage tech aspects with diligence or the time and monetary resources to research and invest in the latest tools and technologies. Faster turnaround time, where an organisation delivers reliable products quickly and efficiently to its customers, is essential to business growth. In such circumstances, a business might benefit greatly if they hire offshore developers to manage their project for them. 


With the growth of the market, offshore developers have mushroomed. Choosing the correct developer for your needs is crucial. Focaloid’s expertise and end-to-end ownership of each stage of development ensures you deliver the best to your customers in a cost-effective manner. 


Our Expertise

Whether you are a startup, small-medium enterprise or large organisation, with Focaloid you get a dedicated product development team with wide-ranging skillsets that employ best industry practices in software development and delivery, talent management and project management. Based on the client’s needs, we develop a cross-functional team comprising UI/UX designers, architects, PHP developers, business analysts, project managers and quality analysts.


Choosing Focaloid helps you optimise resource costs and streamline processes. The development team works out of our offshore global delivery centre in India. Our agile development process also reduces time-to-market. Our team understands the project requirements, plans every step of the process and creates high-performing products. We track and monitor metrics to ensure you receive an error-free product built to inspire trust. 


With rapid development taking place in the IT space, software development must remain up to date and use the latest trends in order to stay relevant and competitive. Focaloid leverages the latest in cloud computing, automation and AI and employs reusable code libraries, distributed architecture and extensive testing to produce applications of high scalability and reliability. 


With developers being located in different time zones, managing offshore development can be tricky. We ease this process by communicating constantly with our clients and providing complete transparency as to the progress made. 


Having worked with clients across the globe on many different projects, Focaloid has a proven track record of delivering high quality products. If you are looking for expert knowledge, best industry practices, a fast and cost-effective development process, Focaloid is a one-stop solution for all your offshoring needs. Contact us to learn more about the many benefits we can offer you. 




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