With our Dedicated Team Model, you can establish an extension to your internal product engineering team with us with a high level of transparency. You can tap into our diverse talent pool of experts across all phases of SDLC to scale or augment your internal capacity. You retain control over the direction and focus of your dedicated team, enabling you to manage the team's priorities in alignment with your business needs. We provide project governance, process control and technology support while maintaining transparency, open communication and high-quality output. Our international clients use our dedicated offshore teams to scale their development capacity and reduce time to market.

Build your dedicated software development team.

How does it work?

When you build your dedicated team from our pool of experts, you get more than just resources:

Dedicated Team

Full-time resources working exclusively for you.

Team Configuration

You can choose to hire one or more developers or a fully managed cross-functional product team of tech leads, designers, developers & QA.


Daily Standup Calls, Weekly Demo's & Reviews. Sprint Planning & Retrospectives.

Our product strategists work with you to define your product roadmap.

Project Management

We follow Agile Development with bi-weekly sprints.

Time Zone Overlap

We work flexible hours to ensure a minimum of hours of overlap with your timezone.


JIRA, Azure DevOps, Slack, MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, GitHub, BitBucket. We use the most popular collaboration tools & also adopt what you use internally.


Everyone on the team is proficient in written and spoken English.


We monitor quality, process adherence & productivity and proactively deal with individual performance issues.

Engagement Models

We will adapt our working model to match your internal engineering team. We pick one of the engagement models given below:

Fully Managed Model

We own responsibility for your product engineering, letting you focus on your core business activities. While you continue to be the product owner, we will be leading sprint planning and development. Our project managers and governance structure will manage your project needs. This model is ideal for independent development scenarios. For example, organisations that do not have an internal engineering team or have multiple product/technology initiatives handled by different teams.


Self Managed Model

In this model, you directly manage the development team. You will be leading sprint planning and task allocation, and the team will report to you (or your product owner / internal tech lead). Our governance structure will ensure productivity, quality and process adherence. This is ideal for collaborative development, where both team's work in parallel.


Hybrid Model

We can create flexible management structures that share the responsibility between your internal engineering team and our dedicated offshore team to achieve effective collaboration.

Skills Available


UX & UI designers
Business analysts
Front end developers
Backend developers
Full stack developers
Technical Leads
DevOps Engineers
Quality Analyst
Project Managers

Key Benefits

Substantial Cost-Saving v/s Hiring Locally

Save up to 60% as compared to hiring local talent and enjoy freedom from compliances & overheads.

Accelerate Project Delivery

Expedite project deliveries by ramping up delivery teams across cross-functional teams

Access to skills & talent

Get instant access to our team of 100+ developers having expertise in niche as well as mainstream technologies

End to end product engineering expertise

Leverage our expertise in end-to-end product development experience

On-Demand Scaling & Flexibility

Scale Up & Down as per business requirements through flexible engagements

Myths Busted

Let's break some of the common myths regarding Offshore Model

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Managerial Overhead - Increase in managerial overheads offsets any estimated cost saving through offshoring.

We have been working with remote clients for the last eight years and have established processes that minimise your managerial overheads. This allows you to achieve cost-saving without increasing your overheads.

Time Zone - You have to work odd hours to coordinate with offshore developers

We work flexible hours to ensure 4 hours overlap with your business hours. This provides sufficient hours for meetings, discussions and planning while allowing us to work in our time zone.

Attrition rates are high, and developers change every month, resulting in continuous learning curves and a lack of knowledge retention.

We provide a motivating work environment, work-life balance & good compensation to our developers resulting in low employee turnover. In addition to this, we proactively plan transitions and knowledge transfer when developers change.

Quality - Lower cost equals low quality

We offer lower costs compared to Europe or the US for the same skill sets due to India's lower operating and living costs. Our hiring and training process helps us hire and retain high-quality talent. You can interview & select your team.

Why do our clients choose Focaloid to set up their dedicated teams?

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  • Experience setting up dedicated teams for startups and enterprises based in the US and Europe.

  • Experience in setting up small & large dedicated teams with diverse skill sets and experience levels.

  • High employee retention rate resulting in lower churn in dedicated teams

  • High client retention rate with average engagement duration of 4+ Years

  • Streamlined governance framework for project and resource management

  • Access to in-house technical experts and design specialists

Our Clients

We work with top startups, leading brands and enterprise
leaders, including, Fortune 500 firms.

Awards & Recognition

We have won numerous awards and accolades in recognition of our work.

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1 What if the developer working on my project quits Focaloid?

We have created a positive and healthy work culture with low turnover, but at the same time, we are prepared to handle such scenarios. New resources work alongside existing developers for 4-8 weeks to gain project knowledge and seamlessly transition into the role.

2 How do I know my team is performing?

We provide complete transparency through access to repositories and project management tools to monitor your team's progress. Most clients have daily stand up meetings and weekly demos which help them review progress.

3 Are they working on other projects?

No, they do not work on other projects. The developers are full-time resources and dedicated to your project.

4 What timezones do you support?

We provide a minimum of 3-4 hours overlap with your business hours. The number of hours of overlap varies based on your location.

5 Why don't you work entirely in western hours (ET/PT)?

Software development is a highly involved activity requiring high intellect. For our developers to work efficiently, they need to have proper sleep cycles and a healthy lifestyle. So we balance this by working in IST hours and having 3-4 hours overlap with your business hours for meetings & discussions.

6 Can I meet the resources working on my project?

Yes. Absolutely. We encourage you to interact and build a relationship with your dedicated team. Treat them like your extended work team working from our office.

7 Can I select the resources to work on my project?

Yes. You are welcome to interview and choose the resources working on your project. Alternatively, if you want to focus on your core business and want us to be responsible for technology and development, we can do that too.

8 Should I hire a CTO/Onsite Team?

It's not mandatory. Our in-house architects and tech leads can function as part-time CTO and help create scalable, secure and high-performance designs. We provide end-to-end product teams for many of our clients. We also work with clients who have their local onsite teams, and we work very closely with them as an extended team.

9 What is a dedicated developer?

The developer will work like any other full-time employee in your team - 8 hours a day, 160 hrs a month.

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