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We design and develop beautiful pixel-perfect apps for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and HTML5.

Our experienced and enthusiastic app developers can help you turn your ideas into a feature-rich, easy-to-use mobile app, which works to achieve your business goals and is a pleasure to use.


From innovative startups to large corporations, we work with organisations of all shapes and sizes, based in locations around the world.


Android App Development

Android powers more than 80% of the smartphones in the world and it is a no brainer for you to build your app for the majority audience. Focaloid has a skilled and creative team that will help you build it just the way you want.

iPhone/iPad App Development

The iPhone/iPad Appstore is still the biggest revenue generator in the smartphone market. Our agile iOS app development process provides proven, high-quality, and flexible iOS application development for start-ups, agencies, and established companies across diverse industries.

Windows Mobile App Development

A mobile OS with an innovative design concept, Windows Mobile is one of the fastest growing mobile platforms.
Our engineers understand how best to develop apps that satisfy the increasingly growing user base of Windows Phone

Cross Platform App Development

When it comes to launching the first version of an app idea, what matters the most is time to market, and what better than building an app that can work on all available smartphone platforms. Focaloid builds HTML5 based mobile apps on Sencha and Titanium.


Focaloid helps businesses plan, define and manage their mobile ecosystem, providing inspiration and building intelligent business solutions

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