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Focaloid has to its credit the benefit of experienced bold minds and creative young hands to design and develop customer specific excellent technology solutions. Our team includes dynamic individuals with wealth of experience enriched with the real passion for technology products.

Focaloid is the place where you can find the most dedicated and innovative group of people, having a fresh perspective to every single project. This help us to thrive in the industry with incredible reputation. The exclusive project management process we follow focus on delivering high-qualityand highly effective solutions. Our quality and efficiency,more than through our words, is reflected in our work.

Think Excellence, Think Focaloid.


WiFi Mapper - enhance internet connectivity for FREE

3 Million Free WiFis is the highlight of the WiFi Mapper app now available in Google Play store. This means less data and no roaming charges while travelling across cities and countries. O...


Android s New Personal Voice-Assistant App HOUND

In the Animal kingdom, Hound is a type of dog that assists hunters by tracking or chasing the animal being hunted. The hound breeds were the first hunting dogs and is well known for their po...