10 creative ways of using Augmented Reality for your business marketing and advertising

28/09/2021 20mins
Phani Kumar S


Augmented reality is quickly becoming the top-grossing trend in business marketing and advertising. Due to the high availability of digital information and three-dimensional graphics, using augmented reality for digital marketing is now a new hype among entrepreneurs. Augmented reality is as innovative and engaging to the consumers as it is to businesses According to a market research, augmented reality is here to stay and in 2022, it is projected to reach $117 billion.

Using augmented reality for business marketing and advertising represents the creativity of the organization and integrates the digital world into real-world services. From children to tech-savvy consumers, augmented reality is a new and interesting way to represent. Here is our top list of 10 creative ways of using augmented reality for your business marketing and advertising:

  1. Memorable Interaction: Augmented reality can offer a real-world interaction to the consumers. This interaction can be developed as emotionally as possible to boost business through marketing and advertising. Nintendo’s Pokémon GO is a great example when it comes to offering real-world interactions in virtual life.

  2. Client collectivity simulations: Client collectivity simulations with different products and services can be effective if you use augmented reality. It’s possible to show consumers which type of products you are offering and what type of clients you need.

  3. Product featuring: Most of the people today use at least one smartphone and so many applications. Using augmented reality, you can feature your products on their devices based on big data analysis and their interests.

  4. Virtual tour: If you own a Brick-And-Mortar shop, a virtual tour station can be effective in advertising your products and boosting your business. Creating virtual tours in your store can add more fun while allowing customers to learn more about products or services.

  5. An intelligent social media platform: Many of you might already use social media applications such as WhatsApp or snapchat to promote your business. But, you can add some extra with AR. Using AR, you can build applications with more products, animations, features promotions which will attract consumers. Moreover, applications using augmented reality can predict customer’s needs and thus enabling you to offer better customer service.

  6. Better Storytelling Medium: When it comes to marketing a product or advertising it, all we actually do is telling the story of our products. Augmented reality can make the story even more immersive than usual 2D graphics.

  7. Increasing Live experience:  The great thing about augmented reality is how it augments real life without taking away what people are experiencing. It has the potential to extend live experiences in a way that feels authentic.

  8. Experiencing Products with augmented reality: On the normal display, ads are shown in a two-dimensional view. However, augmented reality opens up a wide new range of possibilities in the 3D world. Where viewers could once only see ads directly ahead of them, they will now be able to see display ads in their peripheral vision. Something like they are inside the ad.

  9. 3D thinking: As the customers will enjoy advertisement of your product in 3D, they will start thinking differently. They will start believing that the services will also impact on their real life. It will increase the popularity of your brands and services.

  10. Experimenting With Many Clients: It’s necessary for companies to experiment with new technology with as many clients as possible on a wide range of small projects. This will help to collect valuable data from its users to improve the services in future.


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