We have experience developing products in multiple technologies and for a diverse range of applications. Having designed products for FinTech, IoT, PropTech, SaaS and other consumer-facing applications, we have gained exposure to a diverse set of scenarios and challenges. As a result, we can recommend the right technology stack and architect the application appropriate for your business needs

Technical architecture consulting services can help you achieve a digital estate that supports your digital strategy, drives efficiencies, and delivers superior customer experiences.

Benefits of a Good Architecture

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It provides a solid foundation for the software project

It makes your product stable, secure and scalable

Enhances productivity

Reduces costs, avoids code duplicity

Optimised resource utilisation

Cost savings

Better code maintainability

Helps manage complexity

Reduces risks and chance of failure through better risk management

Reduces development time, thereby reducing the time to market

Our Approach

At Focaloid, we rely on the following guiding principles when designing applications.

Ask questions

Do not assume anything. Ask questions, no matter how silly it may seem. Sometimes simple questions lead to profound realisations.


Architecture First

Before writing the first line of code, design and envisage all modules & services, how they function and how they interact. Choose technology and architecture for the right reasons and motivations.


Avoid Over Engineering

Everyone loves highly scalable products with high performance. But we need to keep in mind that such highly scalable and high performing software systems are complex, time-consuming and expensive to build. A software product, especially in its early stages, will be rapidly evolving, and therefore, using an elaborate, distributed architecture will slow down development. We should carefully assess the level of scalability, performance, and accordingly, the complexity of the architecture required.


Keep it simple

When writing code, keep it simple. Simpler code is faster to debug and requires less documentation.


Build v/s Integrate

We leverage 3rd party SAAS applications for analytics, business intelligence, CRM, billing & payments, marketing automation, among others.


Modularity & Flexibility

Opting for a modular architecture keeps the application flexible and easy to modify. It keeps our options to switch providers open.


Security & Compliance

We implement security by design and not as an afterthought. Encryption, Authentication, Session Management, Error Handling & Logging, Input Validation, Database security etc., are part of fundamental security considerations.

Case Studies

At Focaloid, we rely on the following guiding principles when designing applications.

Our Clients

We work with top startups, leading brands and enterprise
leaders, including, Fortune 500 firms.

Awards & Recognition

We have won numerous awards and accolades in recognition of our work.

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