A VR machine creates sleep-inducing art using brain activity

28/09/2021 20mins
Ashna Sunny


Ever wondered how it’d be if you could see your brain’s activity? Researchers at the Exertion Games Lab at Australia’s RMIT University have made this possible. Combining a person’s brain activity with virtual reality, they have created a VR lullaby machine.
The idea is to use technology to better relax people by visualizing their own brainwaves in a VR setting. In the setup, individuals are made to lie down on an interactive bed. A digital visualization is projected on to the wall. The person wears an EEG (electroencephalogram) headset, which will pick up the brainwaves. The electrical activity of the brain is monitored by EEG. The intensity of the brainwave is linked to the movement and each brainwave frequency is given a different color. To see a personalized version of the animated brainwave visualization, the individual also can wear a VR headset.

“If you’re alive, your mind is active, even when sleeping,” says Nathan Semertzidis one of the researchers on the project. “We gave people a means to creatively express and explore their own mind by designing a system that listens in on different frequencies emitted by the brain’s electrical activity and uses these frequencies to drive generative algorithms that dynamically convert the brain’s electrical activity into art.”

Participants in a test of the technology reported a 21% drop in general negative emotion and 55% reduction in feelings of fear. General positive emotions, meanwhile, increased by 8%, while feelings of serenity rose 13%.



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