Chronological timeline for Android users on Twitter

28/09/2021 20mins
Anish Prakash


Great news for Android users having an account on Twitter. Similar to iOS users, Twitter is now bringing back the chronological timeline option for people using Android. As stated in a tweet: ‘Android, we got you”, it was elaborated that Android users will be seeing an option to switch between viewing their timeline from the top and most recent tweets in chronological order.

This news is great for people who protested when Twitter started showing the posts in the algorithmic way (the best posts being showed on the top). It was tweeted by the firm as: “Sometimes you want to view the recent tweets first”. Android users can preview this feature by clicking on the sparkle in the upper corner on the right of the timeline. When you click on this icon, you’re given the option to choose between two types of the timeline. Therefore, you can actually choose to view the top tweets or the recent tweets as per your wish.

However, it is not clear yet that when this feature will be available to all the users. The tweets are shown in reverse chronological order instead of being showed based on the algorithm. Twitter got rid of the chronological timeline in 2016, and since then users have been protesting and asking them to bring back this option.

The question is why now? As per Twitter, this change is due to the demand of users, which is true as it is the most demanded feature after the one for editing posts. However, it’s not that everyone is convinced with the idea of the algorithmic way, being bad for the users. So making a switch would be a decision they’ll have to make. For example, if you’re someone who has followed thousands of accounts, letting Twitter select and show the best and top ones to you would be liked by many people. It is also indicated that revamping your Twitter feed can be a good thing, listing and organizing it in a better way in order to enhance the overall experience of users.

Therefore, it totally depends on the users. It is a fact that the majority of the users protested when in 2016 Twitter changed the settings. Seeing a Sunday tweet on Tuesday was really something not liked by users. Many people believe that this shouldn’t have been changed in the first place. A spokesperson of Twitter mentioned that the timings of this announcement were just a coincidence and the response of users was very positive. Android users are delighted and finally happy with the shift back towards chronological order.

Therefore, Twitter really worked upon bringing back the chronological timeline for Android users and, it’s great news for many people. The reactions of the users were great, as people are delighted now. In 2017, many people were complaining that they were seeing posts from people they don’t even follow, and posts from some past day, which was making their experience, not a good one.


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