Digital twins are the future of innovation

28/09/2021 20mins
Susan Margret Correya


A digital twin is the virtual representation of any physical process, product or service. A digital twin is a digital model that allows for the analysis of data and monitoring of the system to identify issues even before they could occur. 

Digital twins allow for entire systems to be simulated and tested even before the physical product is built. 

How does it work?

Physical items are integrated with smart components that use sensors. These sensors then collect information such as real-time status, working conditions of the system and other relevant data. The smart components are then connected with a cloud-based system that processes the data collected from the sensors. 

Digital twins are disrupting how industries develop just about anything.

Siemens has developed a digital twin for an electric aircraft motor that weighs just about 50 kg and is five times more powerful than other motors of the similar category.

From developing efficient gas mixing systems with the power of 3D printing to creating virtual models for entire factories and machines, digital twins are changing the face of innovation. 

And, that’s not all.

Digital twin technology can also help companies improve their customer experience by understanding customer needs, enhancing products, operations, and services, and driving innovation for new businesses. 


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