Extend redefines how credit and cards are used

28/09/2021 20mins
Ashna Sunny


Extend is a leading FinTech company that aims to simplify how credit cards are distributed and shared. Extend partners with existing payment solutions in the market to enable businesses with additional payment features that simplify and secure transactions. Extend Corporation was founded in 2017 and is a leading FinTech company today.

How Extend works

In today’s evolving business landscape, the nature of transactions is rapidly transforming. Today, businesses seek fast payment solutions to support their growing business. In such cases, when employees or freelancers want to make a business-related purchase, businesses are forced to share their credit card details, which could expose them to financial risks and possibly fraudulent transactions. 

Extend puts an end to this

With Extend, the management can provide access to the company’s card via a virtual credit card for a specific amount. This virtual credit card consists of a unique card number and can be used only for a very specific period. Extend doesn’t transfer money, but gives a portion of the credit to an account of the individual. 

Extend has partnered with Visa and Mastercard, which helps them reach issuers much easily as they are already connected. CEO and Co-founder of Extend, Andrew Jamison says, “There are as many as opportunities out there to develop capabilities as there is the threat of fraud and hackers.” So, he thinks financial technology now should be focused on security and monitoring tools to ensure safer business transactions.



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