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A Detailed Guide to Front End Development Services


What are front-end development services?

Everything about an application that involves user experience can be created by front-end development services. The entire client side of an application development project is optimized by such a front-end development services provider. They have the onus of how creating the user will be interacting with software applications including the formatting, aesthetics, visual design, user interface and experience, production and maintenance of application interfaces, real-time programming for UI/UX, user data processing systems, application/software workflow, buttons, icons, panels, dialogue boxes, responsive design and so on. 


Needless to say, front-end development services have become indispensable for tech-backed companies. If you want to thrive in this era of breakneck competition, the experience that your product renders should satisfy the customer’s expectations as well as the business vision. This can only be accomplished by a seasoned front-end development services provider.


There are two facets of application development which are front-end development and back-end development.


  • Front-end development deals with client-facing aspects such as user experience, search engine optimization, cross-browser issues, asynchronous requests, AJAX, accessibility, CTA buttons, graphic user interface, visual designing, aesthetic formatting, and user data processing and is written in markup and web-based programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, among others. 


  • Back-end development entails the server-facing side of product development that encompasses everything, right from server architecture, scalability of the application, data transformation, and database administration to data storage, infrastructure development, backup, integration with external devices, security, and every other aspect there is in behind the scenes of the software application. Back-end development is coded in scripting languages like Python, Ruby, and Peri, to name a few.


Front-end Development Programming Languages


When it comes to front-end development services you should be aware of the programming languages the team would be working with. These processes are primarily based on three web-based languages which include the following:



HTML, the acronym for HypertText Markup Language, is the programming language that renders the structure of almost every web-based content. It is the language browsers interpret to display all contents of the internet. Hence, it can be imagined as the cornerstone of front-end development services. It allows browsers to load webpages, and display texts, images, videos, and every other embedded form of web content. 



Cascading Style Sheets or CSS is a general programming language that governs and determines the rules guiding the interpretation and display of content coded in HTML. It is the building block of everything related to the visual aspect of web pages including visual designing, layout, formatting, fonts, color palettes, header, body, aside sections, and footers, et al. CSS is a vital component of responsive design which allows front end development services providers to create websites that adapt to the screens of different devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets which may have varying designs and layouts.



JavaScript is a programing language leveraged by front-end development services to augment the functionality of components coded in HTML and CSS and to expand the capability of these two languages. Javascript allows the dynamic reloading of webpages which can independently reciprocate user actions without the need to reload the page or make other changes. It bestows front-end developers the ability to construct dynamic UI/UX elements such as pop-ups, animations, CTA buttons, pull-down dialogue boxes, navigation systems, responsive elements, and extensive menus.


Frameworks for Front-end Development


There are numerous frameworks at the disposal of front-end development services that can be thought of as libraries full of pre-written codes, structures, and standard functions so that the developers don’t have to develop every common web application element from scratch. Some of the most popular front-end development frameworks include the following:

  • React

  • Vue.Js

  • Angular

  • jQuery

  • Bootstrap

  • Semantic UI

  • Ember.js

  • Preact

  • Svelte


Different Types of Web Applications


There are six different kinds of web applications that any high-end front-end development services provider can help businesses with. These include the following:


Static Web Applications

Built on HTML and CSS these are the simplest and the most common type of web applications that are the easiest to create. Usually, pages such as individual portfolios or official company websites are examples of static web applications. Although they don’t contain dynamic components and are meant to display text and elementary content they can comprise images, animations, videos, and GIFs as well. 


Dynamic Web Applications

Web applications that allow interactions between users and servers are known as dynamic web applications. They allow user requests to be processed and reciprocated by the servers in real-time. These applications contain large data reservoirs and their content is continually managed and updated with the help of Content Management Systems or CMS. Such web apps are responsive and likely to be more complex while the development phase.


Single-Page Web Applications

SPAs or Single-Page Applications are displayed by browsers by interpreting a single document with a JavaScript API. Since users don’t need to download or refresh pages from the server, they provide better and more dynamic performance. However, SPAs are relatively complicated to build as compared to other web applications. Product landing pages, and demo websites, are a couple of examples of where SPAs are in use today.


E-Commerce Web Applications

These kinds of web applications are leveraged by online businesses to operationalize their e-commerce platforms. E-commerce web applications allow for ample interaction between the users and the servers and offer seamless integration for database administration, inventory management, and processing of purchases and transactions. These have a significantly high-security standard and other analytics processes that ensure the user’s safety, privacy, and at times even anonymity while maintaining a high click-through rate and higher ROI for the business.


SaaS Web Applications

Software-as-a-Service applications or SaaS applications are web pages or applications which are hosted by multiple servers. This allows customers to access a single application hosted on different cloud servers through the same infrastructure while all their user data remains distinctly separated. Independent software vendors or ISVs can hire cloud service providers to host SaaS applications. These applications essentially serve as software products or solutions that can be integrated by any tech-oriented business without much hassle.


Progressive Web Applications

Web pages or applications that can transform into a mobile application based on mobile-native features without the requirement to download a different application from the app store are called progressive web applications or PWAs. They allow front-end development services teams to create mobile-native applications on mobile operating systems which function seamlessly and dynamically across various operating systems and on devices of all sizes.


Advantages of Front-end Development Services


There are a plethora of benefits of procuring front-end development services for your business application, of which some of the most integral ones have been discussed below:

Improved Site Performance and Search Engine Optimisation

If you want to troubleshoot issues with your current company website, front-end development services can come to your rescue. They can improve your overall website performance with responsive web design, minimal loading time, efficient use of the brand’s content, and much more. Moreover, it also helps you increase your SERP ranking with techniques such as search engine optimization, keyword research, social media integration, organic traffic maximization, guest posting, structured data, and backlink generation

Customization at Affordable Prices

It can cost a fortune to customize your website or web application with a team of experienced in-house front-end developers. In this respect, using an offshore front-end development services team allows small to medium-scale businesses to customize their operations, and evolve with the latest technology changes at an affordable rate. Besides, by procuring front-end development services at much cheaper rates, the business can continue to focus on its core products and daily operations instead of meeting the obstacles that come with front-end development. 

Increase in Sales and Brand Awareness

Hiring front-end development services is one of the best ways to generate awareness about your brand and achieve your sales goals. As front-end development not only revamps a website aesthetically but also improves its functionality. It adds to the usability of the website thus delivering a much better user experience, thereby propelling sales, and generating a higher return on the investment in the long run. It also improves brand awareness by optimizing the rankings of your website on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing so that you can move ahead of the clutter and be seen by your potential customers and the right demography or target audience.




With the recent advent of technology, the industry is seeing a paradigm shift to leverage the digital spheres. Most consumers have also shifted from traditional store-based shopping to online mediums. And, they are more likely to trust the credibility of an organization if it has a decent online presence via a website and social media activity. This is where front-end application development services fit in today. These are teams of skilled and experienced developers with expertise in a variety of business domains and are size agnostic. To know more about such services connect with a Focaloid Technologies representative today!


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