Highlights of AI in mobile apps

28/09/2021 20mins
Anish Prakash


Artificial Intelligence did not really come to the scene in a single day. Rather, it carries more than half a century of history involving mathematical science and computer experimentation, thought, research, and development. One of the most exciting things about Artificial Intelligence is that it offers a range of solutions and is capable of big things!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are being put to daily use by companies and small businesses these days. Today, Artificial Intelligence has been integrated into the hardware and mobile applications. For instance, iPhones, Pixel phones, and the Mate line by Huawei, all make use of Artificial Intelligence.

These phones carry applications that make use of Artificial Intelligence in extremely clever ways, hence enhancing the power efficiency, security, photography, and a lot more.

Today, almost all of the major technology companies are involved in the development of Artificial Intelligence technology. Even the companies that seem to have setbacks are planning to launch phones equipped with Artificial Intelligence technology soon.

Let us consider all the benefits that Artificial Intelligence can bring to mobile applications:

Help in predicting information

Literally, all of us have experienced mobile applications displaying notifications regarding products, offers, and discounts regularly based on our specific preferences.

These advertisements are simply a result of the Artificial Intelligence algorithms that have been put to work. One of the major implications of Artificial Intelligence is to increase business profits, as can be seen in this case.

Better reasoning

Nowadays, most people think of their mobile devices as nothing other than friends. Hence, the ability of reasoning is being installed into mobile phones so that users can have a better experience of interaction with their smartphones.

This will require appropriate inferences to any particular condition, which will be tailored to the user specifically. Ultimately, it will enhance the personal connection that a user has with his/her phone.

Better problem solving

Nowadays, many people use their smartphones in order to look for solutions to any particular problem. By using Artificial Intelligence, mobile devices can provide the best solution for any particular problem to the user. This is one of the things that companies are trying to embed.

Personal profiling `

Today, smartphones carry the ability to get data for behavioral or personal profiling. This allows users to obtain protection and assistance dynamically, relying on their presence such an in a vehicle, home, or office and on the particular activity that is being carried out.

This allows service providers such as insurance companies to focus directly on the users rather than the assets. For instance, based on the driving behavior of the user, these companies will then be able to adjust the insurance for the vehicle.

Optimization of user experience

Another important use of Artificial Intelligence in mobile applications is that of optimization of the experience. Artificial Intelligence technology that is used in mobile application automates most of the daily tasks. All in all, it improves the overall user-experience greatly.



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