How comfortable are you with this new WhatsApp feature!

28/09/2021 20mins
Shaibana S


You may be in for trouble if you are the type who doesn't like to reveal your chats. Reports from trusted sources say that WhatsApp has been working on a feature that displays 'Video previews' when received from a contact. And the previews appear even when your phone is locked.

This is currently accessible only for the iOS beta version of, but will soon be made available in the App Store as well. Currently, message notifications appear when settings are tuned in the way letting messages be shown with the first few lines of the message with the sender's name. With the new update, you will get the video preview. Which will show a small clip of the video you receive on WhatsApp. This can be a happy message sent by your close relations or a coarse one by a friend. No matter what, the previews will pop up in the push notifications of your phone. But thanks to the settings option, users who do not want to embarrass themselves can customize their settings by going to the notifications and choosing to disable the video previews.

Just in June this year, the 'Media Visibility' feature that controls the visibility of the shared media contents in the gallery was rolled out. Only those contents which you wished to save in the gallery would be saved saving enough space for more useful ones. This can save one from embarrassing moments when somebody scrolls down your gallery and comes across not so appropriate video or photo that may be more than a month old.

The media visibility feature is not the 'auto-download'' option. Auto-download, when disabled, stops the downloading of the media content in the chat automatically and so as to save the required content you will have to download it manually to have it in your phone's gallery. With the Media Visibility put to 'No', you can download the content in the chat but will not be able to view it in the gallery.

The Media Visibility feature can be accessed by going to your WhatsApp contact or an individual chat. Tap at the three dots given at the top right corner to activate the feature. When you select 'View Contact', you will get to see a Media Visibility option below the custom notifications. The chat will shoot a message asking, "Do you want to show newly downloaded media in this chat in your phone's gallery?". You can choose from among the three options. The default is 'Yes', then the 'Yes and No' and the 'No'. You can go for 'No' if you prefer not to see the media content in the phone's gallery.


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