How to develop a mobile app users will love

28/09/2021 20mins
Prasobh V Nair


The growing number of smartphone users has led to a rising number of mobile applications. Mobile apps, today, are one of the best ways to stay connected with your customers. Businesses are incrementally adopting digital solutions and applications to help customers stay connected. And applications are also seen as an effective way to grow a business.
However, how successful your app becomes will depend on multiple factors. One of the major considerations is how much people will enjoy the experience you provide. If your customers enjoy it, they’ll want to spend more time engaging with its content. 
So, what are the methods you can employ to be sure that your app is efficient and more importantly, a delight to use? 

1. Design with the platform in mind

It is always best to design using techniques that are native to the platform. For example, you first design the front-end of your app specifically for the Android platform. Then, do a re-design of the front-end for iOS platform. Most of the code for the back-end services can be configured across platforms. 
Though this can take a while longer to develop when compared with developing a hybrid application, it allows you to develop a better experience. This ensures that the user will spend more time on your app. 

2. Always think of the user

While designing your product, you should always think about what the user expects from the app. This will ensure that you deliver the experience that the customer wants as well as add value to their lives. 
Always remember – the market is bombarded with applications offering solutions similar to yours. So, if your offering isn’t functional, the customer will choose to use another service instead. 
Therefore, to help yourself gain an understanding of what your user wants, you might have to connect with customers at the places they’re active in – like focus groups. You should also read the reviews of competitors to analyze which areas you can improve.

3. Consider lightweight apps

Have you considered how much resources your app would need to run? Many smartphones won’t have the same available resources as a desktop computer. 
For this reason, you should make sure that your app does not rely on a lot of resources to be effective. 
One of the most popular ways of doing this is by using cloud services. If you can send data to the cloud to be processed, it will reduce the amount of memory and processing power the smartphone requires. In addition, it will make the app run faster. 

4. Never forget about UX

Finally, you should consider how users will navigate your app. This means considering how the design will look on a range of devices and screen sizes. 
You should also try to avoid making the customer type too many words. 
Consider how many actions the user has to make to accomplish the task they are trying to perform. Try to decrease the number of actions required and make it as low as possible. This will make it fast and simple for users to use your app, ultimately making it a delight to use.

To conclude, the popularity of mobile apps is exploding. Businesses are tapping into this solution and are trying to capitalize on this market. 
The simple fact is – if you can make an app that people will enjoy using, it can make you rich in no time. 
The methods mentioned above are just some ways in which you can ensure your customers will love the experience your app provides. So, use these tips to create an engaging smartphone app. 


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