Mixed Reality: Blurring the lines between physical and virtual worlds

28/09/2021 20mins
Phani Kumar S


Human beings have been given the power to create and transform their imagination into reality. This practice soared with the skill of painting in the olden times but, it was only restricted to a few talented and skilful individuals. These painters were known to have magic in their hands through which they could convert their imagination into reality. However, as the human civilization progressed, technology improved and now almost anyone with the right tools can convert their non-existent imagination into reality through the concept of mixed reality.

What does mixed reality even mean?

The concept of mixed reality or also known as “hybrid reality” refers to the production of new visualizations and environments through the merger of the virtual world and the real world. The concept of mixed reality or hybrid reality is based on the principle which is to remove any barriers or hurdles which stand in between the digital world and our real world. Human imagination will not only be digital but with the help of mixed reality, it also become a physical entity in the real world.

Microsoft’s concept of mixed reality

To make the vision of mixed reality accessible to everyone, Microsoft has introduced their “mixed reality” feature through which we will be able to bring our imagination into existence in the virtual world, the real world or in any other reality which exists between them.

Through this feature, we will be able to create things in 3D (three dimensional). This vision of mixed reality by Microsoft corporation has completely blurred the boundary line between what is real and unreal by merging them together. This will definitely revolutionize the use of computers in various fields. Microsoft’s concept of mixed reality requires a fusion of any computing device such as, your PC, Laptop or Tablet with a 3D printing facility, augmented reality, virtual reality and your imagination.


How will Microsoft’s concept of mixed reality benefit us?

The benefits that mixed reality will provide us are endless yet, given below is a list of five main ways in which the concept of mixed reality will benefit us:

It will make the process of learning more exciting:

Mixed reality is bringing back the fun factor into learning. The classrooms are no longer going to consist of bored and confused teenagers who are just there for their attendance but, mixed reality will convert boring classroom into a room full of enthusiastic students who are interested in the process of learning. Not only will this concept benefit classrooms but also eLearners, who take online classes.

Create impossible realities:

Through mixed reality, we will be able to create things which seemed impossible and not only that but, it will also help in cost saving and improving efficiency.

Practical application will become easy:

The concept of mixed reality makes it easier to practically apply the theories which will benefit people coming from all fields of work. All businesses, whether big or small will flourish. Success will not be so unpredictable in the world of mixed reality because, it will help us make evidence based decisions and not “calculated risks” which could ruin everything for us due to some error, mistake or unseen miscalculations.

If we are able to use our resources effectively, then mixed reality will open doors of such opportunities for us which never even seemed possible a few years ago or even at the present time.


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