New Social Media Trends to look for

28/09/2021 20mins
Shaibana S


Social Media Trends that leverage your Ads
Marketing trends are pointing to different & unique approaches that are recently followed by brands for engaging mobile users with holiday themes for ads. Thanks to the different social media platforms that have widened their applications for ad sales, which has resulted in a phenomenal growth in many spheres. The next step would be voice activations with ads supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the time-constrained holiday shoppers with the aid of several technological advances.

Given the number of developments that include expensive ads and declining returns on investment (ROI), Facebook’s relevance with brands is under question. As brands have been driven by Facebook’s decision to prioritise content that drives meaningful interaction over just passive viewing and topping it all with the Cambridge analytica scandal. But in spite of all the drawbacks, because of its popularity and size, Facebook has a leverage no other social media platform can beat. Hence, mobile advertising means either Facebook or nothing else, say experts.

Other Social Media Platforms
Other social media platforms like YouTube and Pinterest would be more expensive for running ads in the future than it is now. But there is much scope for this as the mobile landscape continues to grow mobile shopping will also see stupendous growth. Social media that consumes significant screen time of consumers still remains crucial for brands looking to capitalise on mobile users.

Instagram has been used by many marketers in building aesthetics and grooming for brands taking them through influencer spheres. But experts say that holiday campaigns will take the intensity through new levels with full press ads and new tv features for Instagram. These features may be priced high as brands compete to win ad spaces.

Snapchat has struggled with slow growth this year but continues to be an important platform for those vying for young customers. Besides, Snapchat has many new offerings for marketers this time on.

Contextual Marketing
One of the key features of the mobile platform is the ability to know user details based on location and other data points which can be used to pitch the messages to the right audience. This is one area brands need to concentrate and get capitalised using AI as it can quickly crunch all the data to meaningful insights.

The Future
Brands are taking a closer look at the smart home devices market as manufacturers continue to widen their offerings. Amazon’s Echo show has a screen that lets people see things than just listening to them. Google has also come up with a similar device and Facebook has followed the suit.

Given the number of advancements in AI-based ads this year, brands have an opportunity to leverage technology to deliver customisation, personalised service and other value-added experiences.


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