Distributor App

Distributor App

Distribution plays a vital role in any business and there is no better decision you can take than getting your exclusive distribution app to connect, engage and create more business just over a tap. The Distributor App helps you manage your business more smartly by engaging with existing as well as more new smart customers.

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How it Works
On successful registration by providing personal and other required details, a user is confirmed by the distributor as a registered user with personal e-mail and password. Then users can easily sign in using their confirmed email address and password.
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Effective Solution Effective Solution

Our close study about the Distribution industry equipped us to offer our smart and easily compatible mobile solution – ‘Distribution App’. Our app is sure to help you manage your business more smartly by engaging existing as well as more new smart customers. Distribution plays a vital role in our growing smart economy and there is no better decision you can take than getting your exclusive distribution app to connect, engage and create more business just over a tap.

Smart Features Smart Features

Our Distributor app has features exclusively to enhance your business and better engage your users. The basic features leading to your success include unlimited number of category and sub-category options; user friendly display of products with clear images; easy order processing and payment; showcase proper order history details; set and easily notify users about current offers and special discounts; receive and manage bills smartly; analyse sales and performance reports in real time; add/edit/delete products; carry out error-free search of products and efficiently manage your business.

Simplified Processing Simplified Processing

It is not the one unique feature that make any product/mobile solution excellent, rather it is the multiple basic features that help users to easily connect and make transacting via an app more fun. Our distributor app is a star in performance and is sure to help your customers enjoy the whole process of product browsing and order placement. Moreover, the admin panel is made as simple as possible with clear side menus and inclusion of only relevant fields.

Instant and Sync Instant and Sync

We understand that your business operates in a very dynamic world that highly supports all instant things. With Distributor app you will always be sales ready. All orders placed is automatically saved to local memory and the stock quantity is accordingly updated in the server. With all the relevant data getting synced and stored in local device, the app is always ready to get and process new orders.

Sales and Content Management Sales and Content Management

The distribution app is a complete digital platform that handles your distribution as well as promotional contents efficiently. No more you will have to attend multiple calls and send mails with PDF attached to promote your business and new launches. The distributor app is all you need to showcase all your promotional contents including videos, interactive HTML, slideshows, etc. Distributor app is a self-sufficient tool for your users to access, learn and understand the public and private contents you share.

Configurable Configurable

This distribution supporting app is easily configurable. We can develop upon this product and deliver an exclusive app for your business by adding additional features and setting the information display as desired by you throughout the app. Moreover, you can customize the app by adding your logo, company name and tagline.

App Features
01 Quick Order

Enables regular/frequent customers who know by heart the code number/name of the product they require to directly place their order from the Menu bar. This feature help users to save time and directly go to cart.

02 My Order

Showcases the details of past orders, their status and other transactions of the user. When order status changes to confirmed,in-progress or delivered, it is simultaneously updated and users can get the exact status of their orders in this page.

03 Notifications

All announcements the distributor wish to make is viewed here by the user. This helps distributors to notify delays of any sort to the retailers/customers immediately, communicate discount offer and arrival of new stock, etc.

04 Filter

Helps avoid typing errors. Moreover, users can conveniently search and select the exact product they require. The category or sub-category filters, direct users to the exact product they require and thus avoid any sort of search related mess.

05 Search Option

It is frequently observed that customers fail to remember the exact name of all the products, but remember the first few letters and the image. Thus, the auto suggested search option lets users find their product by typing the initial few letter of the product name. Users can also sort products by low to high price, popularity, etc.

06 My Cart

Displays all the products, quantity ordered and the total amount to be paid. Users can edit the order, if required and on confirmation proceed to pay. Orders placed can also be deleted, if required, by going to this page.

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Backend Admin Features
Add Unlimited No. of Products

Distributors can add as many number of products as required along with the product image, a small description, price and related details.