Top Software Testing Trends in 2022 And How Software Testing Services Can Adopt Them


Top Software Testing Trends in 2022 And How Software Testing Services Can Adopt Them

The software testing industry is always evolving and revamping itself with changes in technology. These changes also have to be adopted by organizations related to software testing and software testing services for developing and delivering high-quality software quickly. Executives are giving more emphasis to QA, and it is becoming the focus instead of just an afterthought.


The most noticeable trends in this field in 2022 appear to be test automation, artificial intelligence, Agile and DevOps, and API test automation. Let’s take a look at these trends and how software testing services are adopting them.


Top Software Testing Trends that Will Be in Vogue in the Upcoming Years


Agile and DevOps


The rapidly changing requirements and demand for speed have led to the adoption of Agile and DevOps by companies.


Agile provides faster delivery, frequent deployments, and continuous integration, which gives higher customer satisfaction and quality. DevOps reduces the time from deployment to operations by using practices, processes, rules, and tools for development and operational activities integration. It reduces the software lifecycle, which can be beneficial to organizations looking to shorten their life cycle.


This shift towards delivering applications faster to the market and using limited costs and time for software testing services to find bugs and risks has gained a lot of interest over the past 5 years and will continue to do so in the future.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Test Automation 


Machine learning and artificial test automation have grown in popularity in recent years because of their benefits. The chief benefit is that they save money and time. The software testing services that use AI/ML  is still in their initial stages, and organizations are finding new ways to optimize them. A large amount of data available is predicted to bring new opportunities in testing for Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.


We are also seeing the integration of tools across development phases and activities to apply AI/ML approaches to multi-source data.


Automated Testing


Automated testing allows multiple scripts to be launched and run at all hours. This saves time for in-depth manual testing and allows several numerous systems and configurations to be tested at the same time. Automation is related to DevOps in the way that DevOps’ advent has caused the running of consistent tests to be very crucial for giving results from every build. Automation also improves the team’s productivity because of its ability to detect bugs and faster turnaround time quickly. More development will also reduce costs for the company too.


IoT Testing


IoT supports processing connectivity speed for efficient working, and this is why it plays a crucial part in 5G technologies. 5G has recently been introduced in the market and because of this IoT has been the talk of the town. It has also been noted in research that IoT might lead the market in the future. The number of IoT devices is said to increase up to around 46 billion by the end of 2022 from 23 billion in 2021. The sensitive data and its security is an issue that still needs to be addressed for IoT testing. The automation testing of IoT devices using special devices also remains a special focus.


Mobile Test Automation


Mobile devices are becoming increasingly more capable and now make up a majority of all devices too. Hence, the utilization of mobile test automation is very likely to grow. In the current business landscape, an organization can gain an edge by establishing a mobile testing lab, taking device managing ownership, and applying test coverage automation on mobile devices.


Software Testing services such as exploratory testing uses physical devices and can provide a mimicry of end-user experience to the tee. Unit and smoke testing are other options that are available, but they use emulators. The top tools for mobile testing like Frank, Robotium, Calabash, Appium, etc., will also play a major role.


Security Testing


Security testing is essential, and in today’s climate of cyberattacks, even more so. If an application is vulnerable to security risks and cyber attacks, the intelligent and scalable system built using a multi-cloud approach won’t matter.


Rigorous security testing that frees applications from potential threats, risks, and vulnerabilities should be a must for every application. This will remove any loss of revenue, reputation, or information for organizations that make the headlines of newspapers every day. Software testing services can be employed from outside the company for security testing measures if the resources are not available inside the company.


The types of security testing are security audits, penetration testing, API security testing, and vulnerability. The cloud environment used for deployment and testing is an area that should be focused on. Public clouds can prove to be an insecure environment because of the security risk associated with shared resources of public clouds. Ensuring the right controls are in place can help in overcoming this challenge.


API Testing


API Testing is the direct testing of an application programming interface and also the integration testing (in part) of it to determine if it meets the standards of performance, reliability, functionality, and security.


The importance of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) has been highlighted by the rapid adoption of software testing services for cloud computing. API Testing is a crucial requirement because of the boost in cloud applications, connected platforms, and microservice architecture. The API Testing market is expected to grow in 2022 because of the increasing IT sector complexities and the implementation of advanced technologies for software development being escalated.


Software Testing With Focaloid


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These trends are a glimpse into what the future of software testing and software testing services could look like. The unprecedented changes caused by technology and digital transformation have made it essential for individuals to stay informed about these developments. By keeping up with the trends discussed here, test professionals, teams, and organizations get an opportunity to stay ahead of the game.


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