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"A book is a gift you can open again and again", said Garrison Keillor.Reading is about listening and understanding as well as experiencing. So to help you explore new thoughts and read whenever you find time, without even carrying a book , expereince the Alisary App.

The Need

"If you only read the books that everyone else is reading you can only think what everyone else is thinking”- Haruki Murakami. So to help you explore new thoughts and read all the time when you find the time, we introduce the all-new ALISARY App. Alisary had approached Focaloid to develop an e-commerce platform for their online bookstore. They require features like easy navigation and book search tools through variousfilters like category, authors, keywords etc. Besides, the users should be able to see reviews of the desired books,track orders, make payments and get notifications."

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Focaloid’s Solution

Focaloid provided an e-commerce platform that is easy to navigate using filters. The application has been developed on the UX platform with good software integration and scalability. The application is also mobile friendly and fluid.

The Results

The app allows an easy navigation for searching books and downloading them according to the user's interest. The user can easily skim through the pages of the books that interest them. The different type of page views makes it more interactive and user friendly. It also gives a brief description of the books listed. There are a good number of collections from all categories. It also lets the user share the details of the books with friends.

Key Features
  • User management – manages the user profile with the basic details and password.
  • Search / browse books section – is the bookstore that allows user to search/browse through the available list of books to purchase/download. This section also have in-app-purchase options. The user can view details like name, price, author, description etc. and also have the flexibility to download and read some sample chapters prior to purchase.Promo-codes will be available to use at the time of purchase.
  • My books – showcases the collection of books purchased by the user. The user can browse/ search through the collection in List or Grid view modes and select a book to start reading. User can search for books by providing keywords like author name, book name, tags, etc. User can also filter books by categories.
  • PDF reader – enables users to read the book after selecting, in three types of views namely – Single page view, Continuous scroll view and Thumbnail view and in two types of orientations namely portrait and landscape. App is designed to ensure easy user control over brightness, zooming, navigation through pages, etc., in order to enhance your reading experience Online/Offline.
  • Notifications – to keep you updated. The user can view the list of notifications and tap on a notification to view corresponding book-details page.
  • Share about the app / Share a book – focuses on encouraging users to invite their friends to the app and share details of a book that they like. The user can share details about the app along with a personal message on social media.
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